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Lucianaz Franco

Franco Lucianaz was born in Aosta February the 16th, 1941 and he lives in fraction Valpettaz (Charvensod). Ex Regional dependent USL of the Aosta Valley, ski monitor and president of the Aosta Valley Mineralogical group "Les Amis di Berrio" (from 1995).
Because of his long and proven career of mineralogist (cristallier or researcher of champions of crystals) he is defined by now in the local environment a "legend." In fact, Franco begins to collect minerals in the '70ies, enrolling himself in the mineralogical group of the Cral Cogne with the President Giulio Albertinelli (it must not be forgotten that the first collector of minerals of Aosta Valley, at least in the modern period, was a Sicilian: the barber who worked then in Saint-Pierre, Nazzareno Fiocca). Nevertheless, and as he likes to remember, Franco's passion for the stones starts when "hobby" is a really abstruse word in the families of farmers-workers; but, since he is a little boy, he knows how to pick minerals up with love for beauty, while he is running after the herd on the high pastures of the mountains of Rhêmes. During those eight seasons of hard life, it's difficult to appreciate the environment among downpours, uneasiness and storms. The only certainty of that apprenticeship is that he goes out of it tempered. Nevertheless, thanks to his job, he becomes a great expert of the the most hidden ravines of the region, and this enables him and other companions or colleagues to discover hidden particulars such as, for instance, garnets and the famous vesuvians of the rodingitis (green ophites stones), said the most beautiful of the world.

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